Monday, July 5, 2010

Almond Rocks It and Schiavone Grills It

This Thursday (July 8th) promises a rockin' evening with Steve Almond and Dayna Kurtz. The gig, which promotes Steve's stellar book, Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life, will be held at the Oberon in Cambridge -- details can be found here. Why go, you ask? Because Steve's writing has made it to my top ten list of authors, and because I, to my utter chagrin, cannot attend. Family duties call and I must fulfill, but perhaps you can go, dear Art2Art friends? Flip me, I can't believe what I'm missing.

As you may already know, Steve is a master of deeply felt writing that is never sentimental, often wry, and jawdroppingly honest. There truly isn't another voice out there like his. Plus he's a brilliant presenter. Hilarious, heartfelt, penetrating, profound.

Add in Dayna Kurtz's stellar tunes and you've got a night to remember.

The second gig I'm missing is Timothy Gager's Dire Literary Series Annual BBQ, starring Art2Art friend and reader Michael Schiavone, whose new novel is soon to rock your world. Mike is a powerful writer whose voice will stay with you. His work is inventive, edgy, and hits you with pure force. It's going to be a treat-and-a-half. Do yourself a favour and check out the details.

And save a hot-dog for me, would you?

Saturday, July 3, 2010

We're All Going on a Summer Holiday...

Just a note to remind everyone that we're taking a break over the summer. Our space in the Piano Factory gets ludicrously hot during the summer months and it's really rather an uncomfortable place to perform (and breathe) when it's steamy outside. But we look forward to being back in the fall with some fabulous new performers as well as wondrous Art2Art favourites. Until then, enjoy the season!

The pic is of our talented friend KL Pereira, who read her gorgeous work at the last Art2Art. KL is a fabulous writer-teacher. Check out her blog here.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Music and Art Among the Sculptures

Thanks to Jonathan for letting us know about what sounds like a wonderful artistic event in Acton, MA, running between June 4th-6th. Yin Peet, a sculptor, has turned a quarry into a sculpture park and art center, and there's an open house this weekend. The music event also sounds amazing.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art2Art8 - Pure Poetry

Posted by Sue Williams

Last night, as we were clearing up after Art2Art, Stephen Masse and I agreed that the line-up was so talented it might seem to a newcomer as if we'd auditioned the acts. Truly, it was a stellar evening. Many thanks to both our gifted performers and also one of the warmest audiences I've ever had the pleasure to have known.

There were too many great moments to list in one blog post, but here are a few reminders. A technical blip led to a gutsy move -- Harris's decision to grasp the moment and sing a cappella led to a performance that proved his talents as a singer. I believe this was also Harris's first public performance. What a triumph! Many folks mentioned the high standard of the authors, too. Jennifer Jean, gave a most thoughtful talk to put her beautiful work in context - and what a lovely reading. In fact, let's hear it for the whole cast last night:

Mike Kelly - reading his powerful Rewind.
Jennifer Jean -- reading from In the War.
Michael Mack -- leaving us spellbound with solo performance poetry.
Nick Linsky -- always an enjoyable reader.
Thom Donovan -- rocking our socks off.
Ethan Gilsdorf -- we were privileged with the coolest of geeks.
James Dempsey & Liz Tobin -- a passionate performance.
Harris Allen -- the a capella genius.
KL Pereira -- I could eat this woman's words for breakfast.
Randy Ross -- Get that novel published, mate, it's going to happen.
Professor Zhang & John Clifford -- haunting music.

Thanks go out to the Art2Art team, including Wayne Strattman, Jerry Fireman, Richard Williams and all who helped last night. Art2Art wouldn't be here without you.

And for those who were wondering, "bin bag" is Brit speak for "trash bag".


Check out more Art2Art8 photos here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Geeks, Vamps and Rock 'n Roll: The Next Art2Art

The next Art2Art will be on May 22nd and looks set to be a dazzler. Performers are still to be confirmed, but will include MICHAEL MACK knocking us out with another stellar solo performance; ETHAN GILSDORF, author of the widely acclaimed FANTASY FREAKS AND GAMING GEEKS; KL PEREIRA, celebrated writer of the sublime and fantastical; and JENNIFER JEAN reading from her beautiful new release, IN THE WAR. We're also thrilled to be treated with music from HARRIS ALLEN, THOM DONOVAN, JAMES DEMPSEY and LIZ TOBIN, and look forward to exciting work from our talented friends MIKE KELLY and RANDY ROSS.

We've had so much interest in performance slots that we're trying out a new system - performances are by invite, so let us know if you'd like to go on the waiting list! We look forward to your performances and readings. Artists - bring a few copies of your books, CDs and crafts to display and sell. And anyone interested in displaying their get in touch. Emails can go to:

Art2Art (at)

Can't wait to see you all on May 22nd, from 7pm, at the usual address in Boston's South End. And email me if you're not yet on the evite list - directions etc. are on the evite itself.

By the way, the picture shows Lynn flame-twirling at Art2Art4. Remember? What a great night that was! And does anyone know who took the photo, so I can credit them? It's a beauty.

Until the 22nd!

Anais Nin, writing about her own work as an artist: "I was creating the world I wanted, and into this world, once it is created, you invite others and then you attract those who have affinities and this becomes a universe..."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Films of Art2Art Performers in Action

We thought it would be fun to showcase some videos of Randy Ross and Jerry Fireman, plus a short film of one of Stace Budzko's flash fictions. These are inspiring! Do take a look:

Nha Trang, Vietnam: Beetle burritos, bubonic plague, and naked old men who should keep their clothes on, by Randy Ross.

Why I'm Over Forty and Still Single, by Randy Ross

Stand-Up at Art2Art7, by Jerry Fireman

How to Set a House on Fire, by Stace Budzko - a short film, directed by Henry Zaballos. (Yes, an amazingly talented young director actually made a film of Stace's published short-short!).

Stellar stuff, guys. I'm impressed.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Art2Art7 - Candlelight and Tigers

Art2Art last night was aglow with talent. From Wayne's steampunk incandescent candles and amazing "lights down" timing device to readings, songs, and an appearance by Tiger Woods (thank you, Jerry), we were totally treated. Our audience and performers really do go from strength-to-strength - Art2Art is supportive, warm, downright fun, and chock-packed with talented artists. Thank you to all of you for your generous contributions...including the fabulous food and drink. Bravo. In the meantime, I'm trying to get better at updating this blog. Please encourage me by letting me know you read / commenting below!

Roll up for news from last night's performers:

You can view Jerry Fireman's brilliant comedy act here -- what a treat to see it again. Margaux Skalecki's beautiful new CD, Dancing on Holy Ground*, is now for sale. Check out the cover in the sidebar - it's a wonder. Michael Schiavone, who read from our writing group's chapbook, has a stunner of a novel forthcoming from the Permanent Press - keep abreast of when it will hit the bookstores here. Steve Mackinnon read his short-short "Read Me One," which you can enjoy reading at your leisure here, in The Pedestal Magazine; plus you can have the pleasure of Stace Budzko's "The Right Profile," which he read last night, here. Lisa Borders read from her wonderful novel-in-progress -- check out Lisa's website, including her award-winning, published novel, Cloud Cuckoo Land. Stephen Dorneman read a wondrous tale of Las Vegas woe, which has been recently published in the Scrivener Creative Review (issue 33). Also, Stephen Masse gave a most enjoyable reading, last night. To buy his book, Short Circus, do click here, and view his book jacket in the sidebar. Last but not least, my own gorgeous gang, the Hanover Street Writers' Group, have a new website -- please check out our flashy chapbook campaign! (It's gonna get edgy and subversive. Watch this space).

Let me know if you have other news to pass on. We'll showcase the websites and work of performers for the next Art2Art before the event.

Special thanks to all our artists, readers and performers from last night:

Visual artist, Wayne Strattman (Yes, the candle lights are for sale, contact A2A or Wayne's site for details).

Singer, Francesca De Vries

Novelist, Lisa Borders

Author, Stephen Dorneman

Author, Bill Sarrill

Comedian, Jerry Fireman

Author, Matthew Sandel

Also, a big thank you to everyone who collected and gave donations, stacked chairs, helped set up, said soothing things to me, and also to those who made sure the A2A gang weren't cleaning up alone. :)

*Margaux tells us that Andrea Condit, who attends Art2Art, has also contributed to the CD. Isn't that cool?